Whose Buildings Are They Anyway?

Commentary by Nelson Smith in Education Next

(Hanover, MD, July 17, 2012) A very timely and informative article published in Education Week and written by Nelson Smith, a consultant on education policy and former E.D. of the DC Public Charter School Board and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, reinforces CSDC’s mission and focus on financing and developing facilities for great public charter schools nationally.

Whose School Buildings Are They, Anyway?

Making public school facilities available to charters

With our strong distaste for monopolies, America has developed a proud tradition of trust-busting. From Standard Oil to AT&T, Congress and the courts have intervened to keep corporate monopolists from controlling the terms of trade for their rivals. Yet in public K-12 education, there is a curious twist on this pattern: school districts have largely lost their monopoly on education programming, but are still the only game in town when it comes to financing, developing, and deploying public school buildings. The trust is only half-busted in this case-our laws lag decades behind the reality on the ground.

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