Two Roads Charter School moves into ideal location with the help of CSDC

Two Roads Charter School moves into ideal location with the help of CSDC

(Arvada, CO, September 14, 2011) Charter Schools Development Corporation (CSDC) is pleased to announce its acquisition of the former Maranatha Christian Center for lease, with option to purchase, to Two Roads Charter School (TRCS). TRCS opened its doors at this new location in Arvada, CO on August 29, 2011.  TRCS approached CSDC in March 2011 for assistance in acquiring a permanent facility with enough space to serve the school’s growing enrollment.  The 15.05 acre site contains 7 buildings totaling 82,000 square feet, including a gymnasium, cafeteria, petting farm, football field with track, and ample office space.  The facility will serve an ultimate enrollment of 1,300 students.

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Two Roads Charter School serves traditionally and non-traditionally educated 7th-12th grade students who seek high academic and character achievement.  The school provides a social and academic environment that challenges students to go beyond fact acquisition, and to discover how concepts learned in the classroom are meaningful to their lives outside of it.  Classes at Two Roads are characterized by a distinct critical-thinking and collaborative-learning instructional format. TRCS embraces the concept of collaborative learning as an effective means to prepare students to take their place in the diverse, interconnected 21st century world.

In addition, TRCS is home to HOPE, the Home Option Program, a K-8 enrichment opportunity for home schoolers, by home schoolers.  Like all TRCS students, HOPE students enjoy small class sizes in an environment that is responsive to their unique abilities, gifts and perspectives.  The school provides families with access to curricula, special education services and teachers who understand and embrace the home schooling path.

Two Roads is committed to preparing its students for a seamless transition from high school to college or career.  With the flexibility to enroll full- or part-time in high-school, college or technical trade courses, TRCS students prepare themselves to define and pursue their understanding of success.

For more information on Charter Schools Development Corporation, please contact Laura Fiemann 303-297-1128.  For more information on Two Roads Charter School, please contact Terry Johns at .