Johns Hopkins University Sponsors 2-Day Conference on Charter Schools

CSDC Board Vice-Chair Discusses Charter School Policy Origins

(Hanover, MD, August 3, 2012) CSDC Board Vice-Chair Ember Reichgott Junge addressed an audience of faculty, school board members, local and national policy education experts on July 25, 2012 at Johns Hopkins University.

The two-day conference, which was sponsored by the School of Education with the theme “Charter School Policies and Leadership: Shaping the Next 20 Years,” focused on lessons learned and the future of schools of education in this era of choice.   Reichgott Junge, who authored Minnesota’s pioneering charter school law 20 years ago, discussed her ground-breaking legislative journey and personal struggle to make choice in public schools a reality. Her story is also chronicled in her book “Zero Chance of Passage: The Charter School Story,” co-published by the Charter Schools Development Corporation, and available for purchase at

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