Real Estate Services


Real Estate Services

Turnkey Developer Program

Charter schools have one fundamental mission: to provide the best education possible for every student. CSDC’s Turnkey Development Program helps charter schools turn their “facility vision” into reality.  

CSDC’s “lease-to-own” model allows school leaders to focus on the educational mission while we focus on the business of financing, designing and constructing a facility built to suit the unique needs of the school model, student population and budget. Our staff understands the complexities of real estate development and how to deliver a customized “turnkey” solution to each charter school client with a lease and purchase option. Leasing from CSDC as an interim step to ownership enables our tenant schools to establish a record of sound business practices and good academic results, setting the stage for long term stability and success. CSDC offers flexible terms to meet your school’s strategic vision:  

  • Short or long term lease with options to extend
  • Fixed and below-market rent escalations
  • Fixed-price purchase option set at commencement of the lease and exercisable at any time
  • A development process that is completely transparent using an “open book” approach to account for all project costs

CSDC has developed over 4.4 million square feet of educational facilities. Many of the schools that were CSDC’s clients and tenants have gone on to successfully purchase their buildings from us – establishing “permanent homes” for themselves as community institutions. 
The bottom line is that the “nonprofit developer difference” translates into a cost savings that is passed directly through to our charter school clients, resulting in more affordable facilities and more facility for the taxpayer buck.

Fee Developer Program

Perhaps your school is already in a position to finance and purchase its own facility, but lacks the expertise to manage the development process.  As the owners representative, CSDC would oversee the entire process on your behalf. As a part of the process, CSDC helps with the following: 

  • Initial site design
  • Financial modeling
  • Permitting and construction
  • Budget monitoring
  • Project completion-Certificate of Occupancy
  • Punch-list

CSDC’s fee developer program provides an invaluable service to successful, expanding charter schools that recognize the benefits of outsourcing their facility needs to an experienced developer.

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