Lease and Loan Guarantees

Building Block Fund

Lease and Loan Guarantees

CSDC offers crucial credit enhancement support through its Building Block Fund for schools trying to secure facility loans or leases.

Think of CSDC as the “co-signer” to help with qualifying for an initial loan or lease or to help with the expansion of a successful charter school. 

CSDC has been the largest financial intermediary and credit enhancement provider to charter schools nationally for more than a decade. Its Building Block Fund credit enhancement program is focused on getting charter schools into safe, modern, economical and efficient facilities.

CSDC knows how to get excellent leverage and help charter schools secure a 100% financed facility at an affordable cost. CSDC’s credit enhancements are flexible and take many forms: 

  • Partial, limited lease and loan guarantees
  • Additional collateral
  • Loan loss reserves
  • Debt service reserve funds

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