Thank You CSDC, From Sharon Malone, M.Ed, Adams Traditional Academy

I need to take a moment to thank CSDC for the faith they placed in the Adams Traditional Academy’s board of directors by offering to fund our beautiful school.  It is heartwarming to know that you were willing to take a chance on a “bunch of idealistic parents and administrators “and help them create the school of their dreams.  We can never thank you enough for your confidence in our dream and us.  Thanks to CSDC, over 400 students are receiving a ‘Performing Plus’ education based on the principles of our country’s founding fathers.  In addition to the basics of reading writing, math, science, history, and geography, these students are learning Latin and the fine arts. They will become the thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders of the future.

While a great curriculum and teaching staff can offer an exemplary education, without an inviting facility the task of educating children is far more difficult.  Children need room to run and classrooms that are warm, inviting, and of sufficient size to allow for personal space.  Thanks to your organization, our children have such a place to learn.  I so appreciate the fact that you worked with us to create a facility that matches our educational philosophy.  Without CSDC’s help, our vision might still be a dream being played out in inadequate facilities.

The contractor you chose, Bouma Construction, was also a gift to Adams Traditional Academy.  The architects really listened.  They tried to make our vision become a reality.  The interior designer turned a dull warehouse into a bright, colorful school.  The site managers kept us informed all along the way as to how the building was progressing, both the good and the bad.  A special thank you goes to David Stanley and Scott. I cannot list the multitude of little things both men did to make it easier for us to move into the building and for putting up with our curious teachers who often invaded their workspace.

Because of the hard work of the Bouma crews, we were able to overcome obstacles and most amazingly move in to the building on time.  This was a truly miracle in light of the late start.  Competence, cooperation, courtesy are all words that describe our impression of Bouma Construction.  In the five months since the building has been complete, the company continues to give excellent service.  What more would we ask?


Sharon Malone, M.Ed
Principal and Board Member
Adams Traditional Academy