Does my charter school qualify for CSDC Programs?

CSDC works with non-profit charter schools in need of short- or long-term facility solutions. Any charter school that is in good standing with their chartering authority is welcome to apply. Please ensure the following criteria are met before contacting CSDC:

1. Have applied for and been approved to operate a public charter school. 
2. Have an executed contract with an authorizer / sponsor to operate a public charter school. 
3. Have a current or pending 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS for the school.

Does a charter school need to be open to apply for a CSDC program?

A school does not have to be open to qualify for help from CSDC; however, it must meet the three criteria noted above. 

Can a facility house more than a charter school?

Yes, but a charter school, or schools, must be the primary user of the facility. A charter school may rent out a portion of its facility (or all of the facility for part of the time), but the primary use of the facility must be for charter school operations.

What programs does CSDC offer?

CSDC has a number of programs to help charter schools with their financing and facility needs, including: 

  • Lease and loan guarantees (Building Block Fund)
  • Real estate services (Turnkey Development and Fee Developer Program)
  • Direct lending (CSDC Direct)

Which CSDC program is right for my charter school?

Building Block Fund Turnkey Development Program
(ready for immediate use or fully completed school building ready for occupancy)
CSDC Direct
Lease Guaranty
If your charter school has identified a facility for lease, and obtained a lease commitment from a landlord that stipulates a need for a guaranty, the Building Block Fund may be right for you.  Examples of typical types of lease guarantees are:

  • Payment reserves equivalent to 6-12 months of base rental payments
  • Collateral for improvements financed by the landlord
  • Security deposits

Loan Guaranty
If you are already working with a lender to obtain a loan for tenant improvements, facility acquisition, construction, expansion or renovation and have obtained a term sheet from a lender, the Building Block Fund may be right for you. Examples of typical types of loan guarantees are:

  • Debt service reserve funds equivalent to 6-12 months of principal & interest payments
  • Additional collateral for leasehold or tenant improvements
  • Substitute equity equal to 10-25% loan to value

Whether you’re seeking a lease or loan guaranty, the following general parameters will likely apply:

  • Minimum guaranty amount : $100,000
  • Maximum guaranty amount: $500,000
  • Term: 3-5 years
CSDC offers the following real estate development services:

  • Acquisition & renovation of an existing building
  • Acquisition of land and construction of a new building
  • Expansion in current facility
  • 5-20 year lease terms
  • Real estate consulting services
Our direct loan program is available to schools seeking the following types of loans:

  • Leasehold or tenant improvement loans
  • Facility acquisition, construction, expansion or renovation
  • Senior, subordinate, and tenant improvement loans