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Turnkey Development Program
"By the grace of winds that cool a hot day and the sun that kisses our cheek, we met CSDC...."
"... Not only did CSDC advocate, support, and embrace every aspect of my design, ..."
"... but they also moved mountains to make sure it came to fruition...."
"... I'm saying thank you CSDC, personally, but the children who will enjoy that building will thank you more!"
"A labor born from such passion requires the finesse and understanding of a partner that truly 'gets it'...."

"... CSDC is that organization."

"How does one speak to the reality of a vision held, nurtured and developed across a thirty year period?  A labor born from such passion requires the finesse and understanding of a partner that truly 'gets it'.  CSDC is that organization.  From the moment we met, Al Dubin saw the potential for the dream that now stands at 3020 Nowland Avenue, in Indianapolis.  His belief and clarity of vision transitioned to a partnership with CSDC in developing the amazing facility that affords Indianapolis urban youth an opportunity for a high quality, free public education.  Wow!  It just doesn't get better than that when you think of impacting change."

- Michelle Thompson, Ph.D., Co-Founder

Turnkey Development Program

Paramount School of Excellence
Indianapolis, IN

Project Profile: Renovation with addition, transforming a 50-year-old building, in 4 1/2 months, into a green, non-traditional urban elementary learning space. Total project cost: $5 million

CSDC worked with Paramount School of Excellence on this reuse and expansion project to create a state-of-the-art facility to support their state-of-the-art educational practices. CSDC partnered with design/builder Bouma to convert a 50-year old Masonic lodge on 9 acres in urban Indianapolis. The plan focused on saving as much of the existing building as possible while incorporating numerous sustainable "green" elements. The result: an addition that fully encompasses the original building in a larger, more efficient footprint with a sound, weather-tight, modern exterior.

The new facility affords learning opportunities at every turn by leaving many of the new and existing building elements exposed. For example, students are able to see how power is generated using wind turbines, observe the mechanics of an elevator, and actually see beyond the paint on the wall by looking inside it.

CSDC worked with the school board and Paramount directors to generate support from all stakeholders, from the neighborhood community to the Indianapolis Mayor's office. Its innovative, fast-track construction made it an inspiring focal point in a neighborhood where numerous houses were also undergoing revitalization. Students in K-8 now enjoy a colorful, homey educational environment where curriculum runs the gamut from environmental stewardship to next-century innovation.

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