CSDC Staff

Al Dubin is CSDC’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Shanta Bacon is CSDC’s Project Accountant.

Tim Behrens is CSDC’s Project Manager.

Ashley Brown is CSDC’s Project Developer.

Lindsay Erickson is CSDC’s Executive Assistant.

Laura Fiemann is CSDC’s Senior Vice President.

Annette High is CSDC’s Accounting Manager.

Britt Kozlewski is CSDC’s Staff Accountant.

Michelle Liberati is CSDC’s Executive Vice President and Program Director of the Building Block Fund.

Summer Love is CSDC’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager.

Rebecca Secrest is CSDC’s Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary.

Mark Zeizel is CSDC’s Assistant Vice President.

We at CSDC believe that without choice there can’t be innovation and excellence in public education.